• COVID-19 Leads to Rise in Young Entrepreneurs by Sophie Bunn

    In a climate where everyone is encouraged to stay home and not socialize, Gisele Sampayo, a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin, found h...
  • Meet Elise Ramirez, Our Sustainability Consultant: Intro, Insights & Inspo

    Get to know SPLIT's newest team member, Elise Ramirez, who is from Brownsville, Texas. She is currently a third-year Environmental and Ocean Sciences major at the University of San Diego. Elise shares key insights on the fashion industry, its effects on the environment, and some sustainable (and affordable) alternatives to mainstream fast fashion.
  • Stories of Austin by Rashu & Niti Malwade

    "My sister actually learned how to sew when she was younger after my grandmother taught her. So, one day my sister made a split shirt after thrifting and as most sisters do, I stole it from her closet and wore it to dinner. A lot of people told me, ‘That is such a cool shirt! Can you make one for me?’"
  • The Bold Ambition x SPLIT SHIRT Podcast

    The Bold Ambition, produced by Ingrid Garcia, released a podcast with co-founder Helena Sampayo. In the podcast, they discuss how we started SPLIT SHIRT, our mission, the supply-barriers to the second hand industry, and the environmental effects of fast fashion.