We're committed to sustainability.

Overproduction is a growing issue.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 6.5 million tons of clothing and footwear were generated in 2000. But in 2018, this doubled and 13 million tons of clothing and footwear were generated in the United States. 

Small steps can make an impact.

Since it is very difficult to recycle complex blends of fibers, only 13% of textiles were recycled in 2018. Over 80% went straight to landfills. The mission of Split Shirt lies in addressing the importance of slower fashion and responsible consumption.

Join us. 

We are commited to keeping clothing in our closets and out of landfills. Here's how.

Up-cycling means that we do not require the use of new materials in the production process of a Split Shirt. By up-cycling, we reduce the need for additional energy, natural gas, water - and waste.

On average, each article of clothing in a person's closet is worn 7 times before being thrown out. Instead of throwing out shirts, we up-cycle them to extend their lives and give them more fashion mileage. Additionally, the versatile design for each Split Shirt is meant to be season-less, so you can wear it year round.

Join us in the journey towards living sustainably.  

Here's the problem ↓

We've committed our packaging, too.

To get our product to your doorstep, we use environmentally sustainable packaging. This includes our polymailers, stickers, and tissue paper. This badge certifies our membership to the Eco Packaging Alliance.